February 2018!

Hi guys!
Here is the first blog post of 2018, it's been very busy the last month.
I was going to make a new years eve post, but since I went to a childhoods friends weeding on new years eve i postponed it.
After that more things happened and here we are a month plus a few days later.

Been having a struggle with not having proper sleeping pattern, kind of hard to wake up to it being dark outside just the same as when I went to bed.
So this have been very demotivating.
Got to kick up the gear and get some stuff done not procrastinate and dig myself deeper in the procrastination hole.

Need to form a battle plan on reaching out to more potential clients as I haven't had a gig for soon 2 months.

I did get some painting this January done,  mostly on Ipad as you can see below:
Click on it to change between the cursed boot and don't eat the mushroom.