THU 2017/Inktober and schoolism workshop


It's been a week since I got home now from THU 2017.
I had a blast meeting friends from last year and catching up with them.
Got to know a bunch of new people that I shared beer and wine with and looked thru each others portfolio.
It's a special experience I hope every artist gets to experience, it is kinda like a soul mixer with people that are into the same stuff you are.
Had a blast got to go to Karla Ortiz and Ian McCaig talks and many more.
Only downside was that I got a nasty cold the second day.
I stayed in bed til noon two days in a row and went to bed early so I could recover faster!



I am doing Inktober this year so check out my instagram that is were I will be posting my work.
Just press the instagram icon here on my webpage.



During THU i got word from a friend that there was going to be a workshop this october in Cöpenhagen.
So I jumped on it and got tickets for it when I got home from THU.
Really looking forward to it and going to take the bus from Norway to Denmark.