Time-lapse and other things!

Hey guys I made a painting of Dracula's castle and since procreate records every action I could make a time-lapse.
I transferred it to my PC and edited it then I post it on my youtube channel!
As you can see below i embedded the video here in the blog so you can see it here.

And other things that have been going on!
I have applied to a preparatory course at Future games in Stockholm and awaiting reply from them.
If i get a place there I am going there for three weeks to work on 3D modeling and game art portfolio for school application.
I think that it will be the best environment for me to get my stuff together for application season.


Get the gears going!

Almost mid Febuary now and I am working on my school applications that i need to turn in this spring.
The first one has a deadline of 15 of March and that is the animation workshop in Denmark.
So I am working very hard for setting up everything I neeed in a folder system, painting and drawings that are  needed for the applications.

I am also painting some personal stuff to relax like this troll guy that I first posted on instagram, then I got some feedback from my friend Tim.
Reworked him a little from the feedback, like his hand and hair.


February 2018!

Hi guys!
Here is the first blog post of 2018, it's been very busy the last month.
I was going to make a new years eve post, but since I went to a childhoods friends weeding on new years eve i postponed it.
After that more things happened and here we are a month plus a few days later.

Been having a struggle with not having proper sleeping pattern, kind of hard to wake up to it being dark outside just the same as when I went to bed.
So this have been very demotivating.
Got to kick up the gear and get some stuff done not procrastinate and dig myself deeper in the procrastination hole.

Need to form a battle plan on reaching out to more potential clients as I haven't had a gig for soon 2 months.

I did get some painting this January done,  mostly on Ipad as you can see below:
Click on it to change between the cursed boot and don't eat the mushroom.

THU 2017/Inktober and schoolism workshop


It's been a week since I got home now from THU 2017.
I had a blast meeting friends from last year and catching up with them.
Got to know a bunch of new people that I shared beer and wine with and looked thru each others portfolio.
It's a special experience I hope every artist gets to experience, it is kinda like a soul mixer with people that are into the same stuff you are.
Had a blast got to go to Karla Ortiz and Ian McCaig talks and many more.
Only downside was that I got a nasty cold the second day.
I stayed in bed til noon two days in a row and went to bed early so I could recover faster!



I am doing Inktober this year so check out my instagram that is were I will be posting my work.
Just press the instagram icon here on my webpage.



During THU i got word from a friend that there was going to be a workshop this october in Cöpenhagen.
So I jumped on it and got tickets for it when I got home from THU.
Really looking forward to it and going to take the bus from Norway to Denmark.

3D sketching

I've been busy trying to learn both Zbrush and 3Dcoat during this past week.                                   Done a hard surface military APC 3D sketch and a bust sculpture I can just describe as Mr.Squak.


apc velchile.3b.jpg

Bust sculpture Mr.Squak


Christmas 2016 Illustration

Hey guys here is a illustration I made this holiday season.
I made it to get myself in to the holiday mood.
It started in procreate on my ipad pro then I finished it on my computer with photoshop.



August 31 THU and learning 3D

Hello guys!
Going to THU 2016 in Portugal this year! 
So excited to see all the speakers and meet new people with the same interests as here in my town in Norway not many are into digital painting/illustration.
It will be a week of pure awe inspiring inspiration!

Since last post I have bought my first 3D program 3Dcoat!
In the process of learning the program and what I can do with the diffrent tools.
Here is some screenshots and renders.


August 14 : Arvesynden

Hey guys been working on a short film named "Arvesynden"
An old school buddy Jonas Boukili  approached me back in may asking if I wanted to make some illustrations for his movie.

I would love to help and It went great!

Went to the premiere today and it was awesome to see the movie completed.
Got to meet all the people that worked on it!

Cartoony illustrations for the credits and animated a title card for the beginning of the movie.

Also made this poster.

June 19 2016. Work and prospect of going back to studies.

Been busy since February with different projects and looking into taking up my studies.

Worked on a short film named "Arvesynden" making illustrations for their film to be used in the credits.
Had fun with the project and glad my old classmate Jonas contacted me to see if I was interested do some illustration work for their film. 

Applied to The Game Assembly on their Game Art program but did not get accepted no worries I will apply again next year.
Also applied to Santa Fe university in New Mexico and waiting on answer if I get accepted there.
Hope I get in at Santa Fe university since I always wanted to spend a year abroad.

Got a summer job this year that keeps me busy but I still try getting some drawing and painting in even when I get home and is completely exhausted. 

Update 9 FEB

Hey people, Gonna start using my blog here to post work and steps and such !

Starting with these steps of of my robot soldier painting.


New domain and provider.

As you can see I have changed domain name and started using Squarespace as host/software for the webpage.
all traffic from artofknut.com will be redirected to the new domain name knutaandersen.com.
So far I am happy with the change the work flow is better now after moving away from wordpress based website.